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IPv6/ATM - how?

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   Which protocol (MPOA, LANE, IPv4/CLIP, ...) is normally used on
   IPv6 ATM point to point links?
=> you can use some encapsulation on PVC (usually AAL5 SNAP, aka RFC 1483),
LANE (which is transparent) or RFC 2492 (but RFC 2492 implementations are
*very* uncommon). I think you should use AAL5 SNAP on PVC because it is
the easiest and the most common.
   In Cisco Commands.txt.19991126 file I see such example
           int atm1/0
             atm pvc 1 <VPI> <VCI> aal5snap
             map-group foo
           map-list foo
             ipv6 5F00:6D00::5 atm-vc 1
=> this is AAL5 SNAP over PVCs.

   In TEN-155 Telebit router configuration
   there are entries like
      ip access ACOnet -local 3ffe:8038:80:1::1 -peer 3ffe:8038:80:1::2 -mtu 9180
      ip atunnel -encapsulation 2 -vci 99
      ip bgp -peer 3ffe:8038:80:1::2 -ipv6 -rfc2283 1
      start bgp
   What is 'atunnel'?
=> my Telebit documentation is not open but I believe this is the symmetric
of the Cisco example.
   I plan to run long distance IPv6/ATM and I wonder what is the most
   appropriate protocol.

=> for long distance you should use some kind of PVCs...

   It could be e.g. Linux-Telebit or Linux-Cisco connection so
   interoperabity is important.

=> then static AAL5 SNAP over PVCs is the way to go.

   Now I see tunneling IPv6/IPv4/CLIP as the only alternative.

=> don't joke. The cell tax is enough...

   RFC 2492 seems to be something what could be used instead of tunneling,
   kind of IPv6 CLIP but it is not implemented on Linux.

=> I confirm. And RFC 2492 is more for LANs than WANs (ie. as in CLIP
no QoS is associated to SVCs).

   Running long
   distance LANE can be administratively difficult for us. I still do not
   understand MPOA enough to know if it could an option here.
=> I disagree, you understand MPOA enough (:-)!


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PS: there are many IPv6 over ATM in Europe for long distance connections
(for instance the new G6 infrastructure or the Ten-155 IPv6 testbed).
You should find easily some help as the same equipments (Cisco, Telebit
and Linux) are commonly used.