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IPv6 linux-problem

Greetings Mark (and Keith and Jean-Louis who also replied)

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Mark Smith wrote:
> There are known reliability issues with the Xirom pcmcia cards and the linux
> pcmcia drivers.
Apparently not only the xircom-cards. ;-(

> I have the RBEM56G-100, and have had some networking issues, in particular,
> using tcpdump/ethereal to perform packet sniffs - it works initially, but as
> soon as I stop tcpdump, I have to perform the same sort of re-initialisation
> of the card Kristoff lists below to be able to use it for standard ipv4
> stuff.
Do mark that I never had any problems with v4. Even when v6 was 'stuck', I
was still able to use v4 without any problem.
The problem I had was purely in the v6-stack.

In the mean while, I've set up two more linux-boxes (using a 3c509-card),
and have found some other problem.
(Only I do not know if this actually a problem or a 'feature').

I had the idea -as in IPv6 IP-addresses are plentyfull- to set up some
additional IP-addresses (global unique) PER APPLICATION- to configure in
the boxes as additional IP-address.

So, in addition to the IP-address auto-configured by ND based on the
MAC-address, the boxes would have a number of IP-addresses based on the
applications that run on the box.
(E.g. DNS = 3FFE:80B0:1001:1:0:0:1:1, ping6 = 3FFE:80B0:1001:1:0:0:1:2,

I noticed that -when you configure these additional IP-addresses,
v6-routing went completely wrong.
Althou the default-route (learned via ND) to the local IPv6-router was
still present when I did a 'netstat -rn -A inet6', the box sent all
packets destined outside the local LAN to its loopback-interface (a
traceroute had one hop: '::1' and then the bit-bucket).

Note: I still was able to ping6 the other v6-hosts on the LAN.

The only thing I could do was remove all v6 ip-addresses from the
ethernet-interface to clear-out all v6-routing entries via the
ethernet-interface and start all-over.

Is this a 'bug' or am I doing something wrong?

Cheerio! Kr. Bonne.
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