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IPv6 linux-problem


On Tue, 7 Nov 2000, Keith Owens wrote:
> >Does anybody know if the is a mailing-list or usenet-group for
> >IPv6-related problems on linux?
> linux-net is about the closest.
comp.os.linux.networking ??
(Or are you talking about a mailing-list).

>> When I boot the PC, everything is OK. I get a correct IPv6 address, the
>> linux finds the router, and I am able to ping6 everything on the 6bone.
> >But, after a while (about 5 to 10 minutes I guess), I cannot reach
> >anything at all.
> >Even a 'ping6' of my local IPv6-router doesn't work anymore ('Address
> >unreachable', If I remember correctly).

> It sounds like your card is loosing its MAC filter, that is a common
> problem with the Xircom cards.  IPv6 regularly looks at its local
> environment, that requires multicast which makes the xircom driver
> reload the MAC filter on the card.  There is a timing problem (which we
> could never track down) where the load of the MAC filter silently
> fails.  The result is that the card stops responding to packets.
In the mean while, I've set up another linux-box (same distribution but
3c509-card) and I do not have the problem overthere.

So, it does indead seams to be linked with the Xircom-card.

> This
> problem is not just IPv6, it affects v4 as well.
I've never had any problems with v4. Even when the v6 is 'stuck', I do not
have any problems with v4.

> I find that
>  ifconfig eth0 -promisc; ping -c1 local-router
> usually fixes my CBEM56G.  Switching out of promiscuous mode reloads
> the MAC filter, even if the card was not promiscuous to start off with.
Not really a solution of-course.
(I could try to put it in the cron-tab to run every minute ;-))

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