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IPv6 tunnel

Hi Keith,

Answers are inline:

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Keith Tang (HTHK - Engineer II, NW3G) wrote:

> Hi ,
> Question on IPv6 tunnel 
> 1.To setup 6to4 or 6over4 tunnel with 6bone end site  should i have a IPv6
> supported Router and Leased Line. 
You don't have to, no. The tunnel can start from one of your hosts on the
LAN. Of course you can just as easily start the tunnel from the router.

> 2.All our PCs host to connect Internet are using private IP, 192.168.48.X,
> from 3600 Cisco router generating by NAT, 
> Can I use Private IPv4 address to setup 6to4 tunnel with 6 bone end site?
In thoery yes. I've never done it personally. From theads I have seen on
this list it is possible, but sounds difficult.

> 3. If the answer is "No" for the question 2, then I must use a Real IP. In
> order to obtain a Real IP, I can choose one of the   connections:
>  leased line (With a Router), PPPoE Dial up (NO router, 24 hours * 7 days)
> or  56k Dial Up Modem (No Router, for sure) . 
>  Can I setup 6to4 tunnel by using PPPoE or 56k dial Up.
> 4. There are number of features in IPv6,  Authentication and ESP,
> Auto-configuration, RSVP, Flow Label. If  we setup a tunnel with Cisco in
> 6to4 or 6over4 how can I test those functionalities. Any O/S, Any program,
> Any procedures, Any hacker program to test the Security in  Ipv6 
There is little point in testing any of these features in a 6over4  tunnel
as the majority of the time your IPv6 packet is encapsulated in an IPv4
packet. Only on a IPv6 enabled device will the IPv6 headers be seen and so
adhered to.

> Keith Tang 


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