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IPv6 tunnel

Hi ,
Question on IPv6 tunnel 
1.To setup 6to4 or 6over4 tunnel with 6bone end site  should i have a IPv6
supported Router and Leased Line. 

2.All our PCs host to connect Internet are using private IP, 192.168.48.X,
from 3600 Cisco router generating by NAT, 
Can I use Private IPv4 address to setup 6to4 tunnel with 6 bone end site?

3. If the answer is "No" for the question 2, then I must use a Real IP. In
order to obtain a Real IP, I can choose one of the   connections:
 leased line (With a Router), PPPoE Dial up (NO router, 24 hours * 7 days)
or  56k Dial Up Modem (No Router, for sure) . 
 Can I setup 6to4 tunnel by using PPPoE or 56k dial Up.

4. There are number of features in IPv6,  Authentication and ESP,
Auto-configuration, RSVP, Flow Label. If  we setup a tunnel with Cisco in
6to4 or 6over4 how can I test those functionalities. Any O/S, Any program,
Any procedures, Any hacker program to test the Security in  Ipv6 

Keith Tang