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IPv6 shell access swap?

How are you?

I'm running following boxes. And you can use guest account.
The password of guest account is .guest.

The boxes are attached to KOREN IPv6 network using native
IPv6 over ATM.  KOREN IPv6 network is peering to 6TAP, WIDE,
APAN and SingAREN.

(1) cdtbsd/FreeBSD 3.5.1
    IPv6: 2001:220:0:2:201:2ff:fe7e:fec5
(2) cdt61/Solaris 7
    IPv6: 2001:220:0:2:0:80:2079:8eb6
(3) cdt62/Solaris 8 (I'm working for BIND9.)
    IPv6: 2001:220:0:2:a00:20ff:fecf:18a2
(4) cdtwin/Windows 2000
    IPv6: 2001:220:0:2:2c0:6cff:fe60:7814

Will you send me the guest account for you box?
Thank you.

"[email protected]" wrote:

> Greetings,
> Is anyone willing to swap shell access with me on a V6 enabled unix box?
> I've got a fairly reliable 6bone v6 tunnel to Sprint on a FreeBSD 4.1.1 box
> that's pretty much dedicated to v6 testing.
> I'd like to swap login access with someone who has a non-sprint tunnel, so
> I can use it for remote testing.  Ideally it'd be on a dedicated box with a
> fairly reliable uptime, and a dual v4/v6 stack.  My server should be up
> virtually 24/7, minus when I'm making changes to the v6 config or something
> along that lines.  It can be reached by both v4 and v6 networks.
> Thank you.
> --
> Christopher Schulte | [email protected]
> http://www.schulteconsulting.com/ - Consulting
> http://noc.schulte.org/ - IPv4
> http://www.ipv6.schulte.org/ - IPv6 3ffe:2900:e00a::/48

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