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IPv6 shell access swap?


Is anyone willing to swap shell access with me on a V6 enabled unix box?

I've got a fairly reliable 6bone v6 tunnel to Sprint on a FreeBSD 4.1.1 box 
that's pretty much dedicated to v6 testing.

I'd like to swap login access with someone who has a non-sprint tunnel, so 
I can use it for remote testing.  Ideally it'd be on a dedicated box with a 
fairly reliable uptime, and a dual v4/v6 stack.  My server should be up 
virtually 24/7, minus when I'm making changes to the v6 config or something 
along that lines.  It can be reached by both v4 and v6 networks.

Thank you.

Christopher Schulte | [email protected]
http://www.schulteconsulting.com/ - Consulting
http://noc.schulte.org/ - IPv4
http://www.ipv6.schulte.org/ - IPv6 3ffe:2900:e00a::/48