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(6bone-jp 1006) IPv6 frame

I'm sorry for you to make misunderstand.
I got sTLA from APNIC.(sTLA 2001:220::/35)
Now I should the addressing plan for the sTLA.
Korea Telecom is biggest company in Korea.
So maybe some ISPs hope get the KT sTLA.
My plan is
NLA1   Res    NLA2     SLA      Interface

I hope that SLA is given Organizations or Univs.
NLA2 is given for projects.
NLA1 is given for ISPs.
Is this pland resonable?

I hope to know your advice about IPv6 address plan,


[email protected] wrote:

> >Then how about NLA, SLA?
> >Can I decide NLA1, NLA2 and SLA by myself?
> >Are there some more rules ?
>         I don't know what you trying to say.
>         - If you hook up to ISP as a leaf organization (you have no
>           downstream), you will be getting /48 and you have 2^16 subnets
>           (and possible to accomodate 2^64 hosts onto each subnet).
>         - If you hook up to big ISP as smaller ISP, you may end up becoming
>           NLA1 or NLA2.  You will get address block like /40 or something
>           like that (it is up to big ISP to choose bit boundary, I believe).
>         - If you obtain address block from IANA, you will get /35 (sTLA)
>           or /16 (TLA, which can be obtained only after you use up sTLAs)
>         So if you are not ISP, you will get /48.
> itojun

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