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routing policy questions

On Mon, Sep 07, 1998 at 08:28:35AM +0100, Buclin, Bertrand wrote:
> > Should backbone nodes be filtering out anything beyond a /24 
> > that is not from their ptla? 
> As Bob Fink pointed out, first of all backbone nodes should only
> be announcing a /24 for their own pTLA. If everyone does this, then
> we have already reduced the problem quite a bit. You can receive
> more specific routes from NLAs as well. In that case, you can easily
> convince your NLA site to fix the list of prefix they advertise.

Let us imagine a pNLA site with two tunnels to pTLAs. When the main link (main
in a sense that most machines have IP numbers from this site) fails there is no
way to reach this pNLA site from anywhere else except second pTLA networks (if
the agreement provides). The solutions could be:
- allow to send /32 between pTLAs
- become a pTLA
- have a tunnel to every pTLA
- have double (triple, quadruple, ...) IP numbers (?)
are there any better ideas?

What is the reason of not propagating > /24 prefixes and how to setup backup
links not being pTLA?