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routing policy questions

> Should backbone nodes be filtering out anything beyond a /24 
> that is not from their ptla? 

As Bob Fink pointed out, first of all backbone nodes should only
be announcing a /24 for their own pTLA. If everyone does this, then
we have already reduced the problem quite a bit. You can receive
more specific routes from NLAs as well. In that case, you can easily
convince your NLA site to fix the list of prefix they advertise.

There has been discussion among some backbone sites to see if it
would make sense that the backbone TLAs implement strict filtering
rules (i.e. block everything but the /24 pTLAs). The consensus was
that this would not be a productive way of doing things: we would
hide the problems instead of giving us an opportunity to work them

> For instance, if I am getting a /24 aggregate from a peer, and someone
> is announcing a more specific /48, it really makes a mess. 
> Is there a definitive policy put forth that we can ask to 
> have enforced? I
> am seeing many assymetries due to differences in routing policy.
> Thanks
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