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BME-FSZ now has pTLA 3FFE:2F00::/24

Szabolcs ,

At 11:34 AM 8/24/98 +0200, Szabolcs Szigeti (PinkPanther) wrote:
>Dear Bob,
>I'm writing on behalf of our IPv6 team at the Department of Control
>Engineering and Information Technology at the Technical University of
>Budapest (BME-FSZ). We would like to apply for the assignment of a pTLA to

The two weeks have passed with supportive comment, thus I have assigned BME-FSZ the pTLA of 3FFE:2F00::/24.

You can look at http://www-ntd.lbl.gov/cgi-bin/whois.pl?bme-fsz to see it in the registry.  Please note that your previous inet6num is still there. Please delete it if you think appropriate.

The 6bone pTLA page is not yet updated, but will soon be.

Thanks, and welcome to the 6bone backbone.