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routing policy questions


At 12:21 PM 9/4/98 -0400, Robert Rockell wrote:
>Should backbone nodes be filtering out anything beyond a /24 that is not
>from their ptla? 
>For instance, if I am getting a /24 aggregate from a peer, and someone else
>is announcing a more specific /48, it really makes a mess. 
>Is there a definitive policy put forth that we can ask to have enforced? I
>am seeing many assymetries due to differences in routing policy.

Our operating policies are in the document:


which also has a pointer on the 6bone home page.

The operative portion is:

>   pTLA MUST NOT advertise prefixes longer than 24 to other pTLAs unless
>   special peering agreements are implemented. When such special peering
>   agreements are in place between any two or more pTLAs, care MUST be taken
>   not to leak the more specific prefixes to other pTLAs not participating 
>   in the peering agreement.