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IPv6 Question


At 02:59 PM 5/18/98 +0200, Mike Crawfurd wrote:
>Hello People,
>I've read many papers about IPv6, but I want to know how IPv6 implements
>the private space addresses.
>Some of CMG's clients are running out of private Address space. How does
>IPv6 solve this problem ?

There is no private address space defined for IPv6, nor does there need to be (so seems to me).  There is site local addressing, but that is only useful if your "private space" needs span only one site and you have no external/wide-area ISP connectivity.  

However, I don't see why you need private space at all with IPv6 given the very large address size, as you will need a wide area service to talk to the outside anyway, and thus you automatically have an address space that is more than generous.

As an aside, you should take this kind of question to the IPng mailer ([email protected]).