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retransmit of: 6bone pTLA assignment rules

Hi all,

I've been trying to get involved in the IPv6 initiative for several months
but keep hitting brick walls. I'm in Atlanta, GA, USA and have spoken with
several individuals at local universities (Univ of Georgia, Georgia Tech,
Georgia State Univ., OIIT, PeachNet) but received nothing positive. I have
Cisco experience and am willing to work either inexpensively or for free
(depending on the opportunities) and have several other members of my staff
who are also willing to participate.

How does one go about volunteering for work such as this when no one will
accept assistance? My resume is online at my webpage
(http://cnebody.home.mindspring.com) if anyone is interested in checking out
my background. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB, I just want to enhance my
knowledge of the 6Bone network and its devices while assisting others in
implementing it. I've never been turned down so many times while offering
cheap or free help.

Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Joel Barrett
IT Engineering Manager
Whittman-Hart, Inc.

Joel W. Barrett
Disclaimers and contact information available at
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