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6bone Agenda (v3) for Memphis

6bone Agenda (v3) for Memphis below.  Please email me changes, deletions,
and additions.



6bone Agenda (v3) for Memphis

1. Topology, addressing and routing issues

	CAIRN backbone -  Mankin

	routing in the backbone - status from IDR WG

	a 6bone IPv6 address block and registry - Haskin <<<<<<<<<<< added

	addressing beyond RFC 1987 - Fink

	Prefix aggregation problems - Durand

2. 6bone routing registry issues

	RIPE-NCC based - David Kessens

	DNS based - Bill Manning

	David Meyer's Internet-Draft on extensions for
	"Representing Tunnels in RPSL"

3. Decide how to proceed with an Internet-Draft outlining requirements for the
new 6bone infrastructure

Reposted for your information

The Memphis IETF 6bone WG session has been scheduled for a Wed. afternoon
(9 April) one hour time slot.  I had decided on a one hour time slot as
meeting slots are hard to come by and we should not go any longer than
practical with a large group (if San Jose was any example).  If this
meeting proves we need, and can use, a longer time slot, we can get one in

I've shown all the IPng sessions below for your convenience.  Note that the
times have been carefully chosen to keep you in Memphis all week, whether
you can find a hotel or not :-)

However, the real reason that the IPng meetings are so late in the week is
that Steve Deering will be in Japan until Wed. afternoon.

The 6bone has been included under the NGTrans WG with me as a co-chair,
along with Tony Hain and Bob Gilligan.  However, Scott Bradner (one of the
current OPS area directors) said that we should, for now, operate as a
separate part of NGTrans, much in the same way that IPPM operates under

I have no problem with this and agree it is sensible that the 6bone be
considered part of the IPv6 transition effort.

MONDAY, April 7, 1997

1930-2200  Evening Sessions  (2 1/2 hours)

        APP   http      HyperText Transfer Protocol WG
        INT   frnetmib  Frame Relay Service MIB WG
        INT   svrloc    Service Location Protocol WG
        OPS   bmwg      Benchmarking Methodology WG
        OPS   mboned    MBONED Deployment WG
>>>>>   OPS   ngtrans   New Generation Transition WG
        SEC   secsh     Secure Shell Protocol WG
        USV   isnII     Internet School Networking-Educators BOF

WEDNESDAY, April 9, 1997

1415-1515  Afternoon Sessions II  (1 hour)

        APP   ircup     IRC Update BOF
        APP   schema    Schema Registration BOF
        INT   dnsind    DNS IXFR, Notification, and Dynamic Update WG
        INT   ipcdn     IP Over Cable Data Network WG
>>>>>   OPS   6bone     IPv6 Backbone BOF
        OPS   ptopomib  Physical Topology MIB WG
        RTG   ospf      Open Shortest Path First IGP WG
        TSV   issll     Integrated Services over Specific Link Layers WG

THURSDAY, April 10, 1997

1300-1500  Afternoon Sessions I  (2 hours)

        APP   fax       Internet Fax WG
        APP   lsma      Large Scale Multicast Applications WG
>>>>>   INT   ipngwg    IPNG WG
        OPS   snmpv3    Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 WG
        RTG   mpls      Multiprotocol Label Switching WG
        SEC   ipsec     IP Security Protocol WG
        TSV   nfsv4     Network File System Version 4 BOF

FRIDAY, April 11, 1997

0830-0900  Continental Breakfast
0900-1130  Morning Sessions  (2 1/2 hours)

        APP   drums     Detailed Revision/Update of Message Standards WG
        INT   frnetmib  Frame Relay Service MIB WG
>>>>>   INT   ipngwg    IPNG WG
        OPS   bmwg      Benchmarking Methodology WG
        OPS   snmpv3    Simple Network Mangaement Protocol Version 3 WG