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6bone Agenda (v2) for Memphis


At 11:02 AM -0800 3/27/97, Dimitry Haskin wrote:
>I'd like to discuss a possibility of getting a real block of IPv6 addresses
>for 6bone. I.e.,
>6bone would become a registry, a big structure, an exchange point, a
>provider collaboration.. - whatever you want to call it.  We would attempt
>to set up an address administration/delegation services where 6bone clients
>would be able to get their site prefixes.  The idea is to make it as real
>possible. This would provide as with a infrastructure for testing out the
>address assignment concepts as well as re-numbering and aggregation
>schemes.  In the end, who know, 6bone may even grow into a real IPv6
>network as ARPANET once did.
>Too much to ask?

Not really.  The agenda item "addressing beyond RFC 1987" was intended to
give some voice to this topic in general.

So I'll put you on before that item.

Obviously there are bound to be numerous points of view on this, so we
might as well start the dialog on it in Memphis (unless some brave souls
wish to venture out on the list before then :-).