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6bone operational discussion luncheon - Tuesday the 8th

I would like to invite 6bone folk from RIPE-NCC registered 6bone sites to a
no-host lunch (that means you pay for your own lunch :-) on Tuesday the 8th
of April in Memphis.

The topic would be whatever is of interest relating to 6bone operational

The attendance is limited in this way so we don't have a swarm of those
just interested in listening in, else we won't get any useful discussion.
If there is something of interest from the lunch to report, I will do so at
the 6bone meeting on Wed.  Others not having attended the lunch can comment
and interact if relevant at that time.

I propose we meet Tuesday at 1130 at the IETF reg desk area, and go to
lunch from there.

Please let me know by private email if you intend to participate.