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Want to find ASN

At 11:04 AM -0700 4/29/97, Mark Komarinski wrote:
>Okay.  I'm about ready to punt.  How can I find an ASN around me?  We're
>in the boston area going thru Alter.Net, but I can't seen to find anything
>relating to either Alternet or UUnet.  Anyone have some hints?

The ASN you need to use is the ASN of the place in the backbone providing
you with 6bone service so we can simulate at least reasonable route

So first you should pick a point for 6bone tunnelling as close to your v4
connectivity as "reasonably" possible.

At the moment, UUNET in the US doesn't have a 6bone setup yet (tho Mike
O'Dell says they may soon be able to become a 6bone backbone site).

Thus I would suggest BAY/US (in Billerica, Msss.) until UUNET is up:

	contact:        Wenken Ling <[email protected]>
	contact:        Dimitry Haskin <[email protected]>

Once you get them to agree to home you, then you would use their ASN.