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Want to find ASN

> Okay.  I'm about ready to punt.  How can I find an ASN around me?  We're
> in the boston area going thru Alter.Net, but I can't seen to find anything
> relating to either Alternet or UUnet.  Anyone have some hints?

Assuming that the address whose origin ASN you want is in (I looked up wayga.ratatosk.org and used for this example):

% whois -h whois.ra.net
descr:       UUNET Technologies
descr:       3060 Williams Drive
descr:       Fairfax
descr:       VA 22031, USA
origin:      AS701
comm-list:   COMM_NSFNET
advisory:    AS690 1:701
mnt-by:      MAINT-AS701
changed:     [email protected] 961004
source:      RADB

The origin ASN for your address is 701.