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Want to find ASN

Hi Mark,

UUNET/UK have a 6bone router to which you can connect.  However, this may
not be the best option as all your US to US traffic would traverse the
Atlantic twice :-(  I would suggest you look at the 6bone backbone sites
(http://www-cnr.lbl.gov/6bone/6bone-drawing.html is a good point from
which to check the details of the sites) and traceroute to each.  The one
with the best IPv4 connectivity should be your first choice.



On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Mark Komarinski wrote:

> Okay.  I'm about ready to punt.  How can I find an ASN around me?  We're
> in the boston area going thru Alter.Net, but I can't seen to find anything
> relating to either Alternet or UUnet.  Anyone have some hints?
> -Mark