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Adding UCLA to 6bone map.


>	I'm glad you bring this up.  Because I've been looking all over
>for the "how to register" information on the 6bone web page.  But I
>couldn't find anything.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one that has this
>problem or not.  But could you kindly show me the process to register?
>For instance, first I should get an example registry and follow the style
>to create my own.  Then I should mail to [email protected] to gain access
>to that directory and put my registry in?  If that is the correct
>process, could we just use some kind of web-form, so people can fill it
>out right on his(her) web browser?  Just a suggestion, but I think it
>would simplify the registration process.  Thank you for adding us to the

Good point.  I'll see if I can work out something with Geert Jan.