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6bone sites registry

> Also, can someone suggest a consistent rule for the tunnel entry in the
> database.  Some have both ends, some just the far end, some just one
> tunnel, some many, some include names as well as ip address, etc.  We need
> some consistency.  I'm sure others have similar frustrations and opinions
> about other fields in the registry entry as well.

My suggestion would be at least signify "src" and "dst" pairs -- whether for
each tunnel you repeat the src, or you default to a one-to-many sort of list,
that is negotiable. My personal preference would be to use src and dst pairs
that were closely coupled.

Geert Jan, would it be feasible to include this information within the
"tunnel:" tag? e.g.

tunnel:	src dst

Or would it be preferable (from the RIPE db standpoint) to have:


Also of note we've been using network abbreviations for most locations that
have kind of evolved as handles -- e.g. UNH, NAS, Cisco, UNI-C, NETLAG ....etc.
Is this a practice we would like to incorporate in some manner? It makes it
easier for me to identify sites in a small amount of space and even in
discussions most people use the abbreviations. e.g.

site:		NAS, NASA Ames Research Center
site-handle:	NAS

In some cases the handle is obvious, but more than once when I site has been
referred to by its full name I had to look it up to realize what handle we'd
been referring to it as.

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