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Adding UCLA to 6bone map.

> Andrew Hoag, of NAS, had gone to a lot of trouble to build a tunnel table.

That's true -- at least 30% of my upfront work was assembling some sort of
comprehensive list of the current tunnels involved.

> I will soon invoke the rule that Ran proposed, i.e., that everyone must
> register with the RIPE-NCC 6bone registry to be put on the map.  This will
> eventually lead to the possibility of automatic map generation by all of us
> - as well as other benefits!

I agree and will back Bob & Ran up on this one. At some next interrupt, I will
be removing tunnels from the geographic map if they are not so listed in the
RIPE NCC IPv6 registry.

I also suggest to Bob that you look at your section entitled "Registering with
the routing registry" and strengthen your language to imply that registering
with RIPE is highly recommended ("required" :-).

> So... why don't you register, please:
> 	ftp://ftp.ripe.net/ipv6/ip6rr/

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