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Geographically-based 3D map


>There is now a geographically-based map available on the WWW. Using tools
>borrowed from the Mbone visualization, we at NAS have come up with a VRML
>of the 6bone with all the tunnels that we could find represented. The URL f=
>the new map is:
>There are static GIFs available as well, for those without VRML browsers. I=
>still missing IPv4 endpoints for U of Oregon and KEK/JP (I guessed on KEK).=
>anyone can provide those to me I will add them to the map.

Looks very neat, thanks for doing it.  I will add a pointer to it from the
6bone web page.

>In the near future, we hope to publish a database of the available tunnels =
>allow for everyone to update it themselves. This hopefully will provide the
>most current repository for sites and contacts.

Can you say more about the general intent of this database in comparison to
Geert Jan's.