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FYI IPv6 Next Interoperability Event

Just to let you know this will be just before the next IETF meeting.
WOuld be nice to see those on the 6bone whose implementations have not
been at "any" bake-offs to show up and really test your code you can't
do this on the 6bone.


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UNH will hold it's third IPv6 test Period on Dec 1 - 5, 1996 at the
New England Center in Durham, NH.

Due to space restrictions that test period will be held at the New England Center for Continuing Education with setup to on Sunday the
first of December and teardown to complete at 6pm on Thursday.  
We are sorry for any inconvience that this may cause and UNH
personnel will be available to prestage your equipment on Sunday.
The test period will cost $1250.00 for non-members and there will be
a nominal charge for members to cover the increased food costs at
the New England Center.  Please check our Web page for updates
and advisory information.  We advise reserving rooms at the NEC
early.  We look foreward to seeing you here in sunny New Hampshire.

William Lenharth

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