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6Bone routing

6bone-router.cisco.com contains a full routing table.  It also has
a fairly large number of tunnels.  It is managed by me in free time
while waiting for builds and such like.  The current 6bone is easily
managed by humans using static routing.

There is no immediate need to move to any routing protocol.  Later
this year or early next year, when there is more of a need, then
it will begin to make sense to start using a routing protocol.

There has been agreement that RIP for IPv6 will be the routing protocol
initially used.  I agree with that decision.  It is not a permanent
answer but it will provide a good testing vehicle and meet the needs
for some while.

According to someone close to the IDRPv2 spec, that spec is not yet stable
so it is certainly premature to be considering deploying that at the
current time.  Down the road, yes, it should be considered.  However,
I do not view that as a sensible approach in the near-term.

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