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UPDATE: Digital Alpha UNIX IPv6 X5.1A Kit and 6bone Sites In Process

Attached is a pointer to our updated kit if you want to use IPv6 or participate 
on the 6bone.  If you pull the kit across would you send a message to
[email protected] just letting me know you pulled the kit across. There
is also a pointer to a kit for an IPv6 WWW Server/Client/Browser too.

Also you can get prototypes running IPv6 for a Digital Switch and 
Router running RIPv6:  

	DECSwitch900EF - (also known as WGE) - 1 FDDI, 6 Ethernet ports.
	DECSwitch900EE - (also known as WGE) - 7 Ethernet ports.
	RouteAbout Access - (also known as AW90) - 1 Ethernet, 2 WAN ports
	RouteAbout Central - (also known as AW900) - 2 Ethernet, 8 WAN ports

Digital will be bringing up soon with some other partners a 6bone
routing point in Palo Alto CA and Karlsrue Germany to add to the points
of routability on the 6bone.  

These implementations have and will continue to participate in the UNH
Interoperability Events and at the next Connectathon event too.  We will
be ready to test IPSEC using the PF_KEY API for security at the next UNH
event and key management maybe depending on if the IETF makes that
critical decision before Nov 15, 1996.  It won't go into the kit until
we test with our colleagues via other vendors and other implementors as
interoperating with yourself is a very minor proofpoint when doing
Internet engineering.

You can also view our IPv6 WWW page at:


It is under-construction and I just updated the html and it should be
completed by the time I get to Interop next week.  There is a public
IPv6 White Paper there too we are disseminating via one of the

have fun IPv6ing, 


The Digital UNIX IPV6 Prototype team is pleased to announce the availability of
the latest IPV6 Binary kit for Digital UNIX V3.2C or V3.2D.  This kit is 
available via Anonymous FTP at the following location:


Also available at this time is an IPv6 capable Web Server and Browser kit.  The
kit can be found at:


The kits are also available on the 6bone at sipper.ipv6.zk3-x.dec.com

The IPv6 for Digital UNIX kit supports the IPV6 base protocol and addressing
specifications, along with ICMPv6, Stateless Address Autoconfiguration, Path MTU
Discovery, and Neighbor Discovery.  It is capable of acting as a BIND server for
AAAA records, and of forwarding packets as a router (via static routes only).
Also, it includes the BSD API specified in Internet Draft
draft-ietf-ipngwg-bsd-api-05.txt, a Work in Progress.

There are a few limitations which should be pointed out:

      - Limit of 1 LAN interface.  Only a single Ethernet
	or FDDI interface is supported in this release, in
	addition to the loopback and tunnelling interfaces.

      - Incompatible with Digital UNIX V3.2C ATM options.
	Due to differences in the kernel networking infrastructure,
	this kit prevents the ATM options from being linked into
	the kernel.

      - Multi-processor (SMP) systems are not currently supported.

Further details on the installation, configuration, and use of this kit can be
found in the kit, in file /usr/share/ipv6/icu_guide.txt. The following notes are
corrections or modifications which should be read carefully, as they may require
user action to make the IPv6 kit function as described in the icu_guide.txt.

    1.  The ping6 and netstat6 utilities have incorrect permission
    settings.  Please execute the following commands after running

        # chmod 4755 /usr/sbin/ping6
        # chmod 4755 /usr/sbin/netstat6

    2.  In the icu_guide.txt, the description of adding an ARP entry
    is incorrect.  It should read as follows:

        # route6 add -inet -host <ipv4-address> -link <link-address> -interface
        # route6 add -inet -host -link le0:08:00:2b:00:34:56 -interface

    3.  If using the BIND server, execute the following commands to insure
    that the proper image is started:

        # mv /sbin/named /sbin/named.DIST
        # ln -s /usr/sbin/named /sbin/named

    4.  The BIND example file /usr/share/ipv6/named.boot should be modified
    so that the system is not listed as the primary server for the IP6.INT

Finally, this kit is available for use and evaluation, but is not
officially supported by Digital Equipment Corporation.  Its use
in a production environment would not be recommended.  We would
appreciate any and all feedback about features, bugs, or wishlist
items, but we may not be able to respond to every mail.  Please
send your comments and suggestions to:

	mailto:[email protected]

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