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6Bone Mail

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   Although the use of this routing protocol (*) still requires configured 
   tunnels to be established it does allow the propogation of routing 
   information between domains. Its wider use in the 6Bone network could 
   perhaps be discussed in parallel to the dialogue surrounding RIP.
   (*) = IDRPv6

=> there are three solutions for the dynamic routing of the 6 bone:
 - RIPv6 but RIPv6 doesn't scale (remember DVMRP) and is not specified
 for the usage over tunnels. Obviously RIPv6 is a cheap protocol
 for the routing inside an IPv6 cloud (OSPFv6 has the same problem
 and is not cheap or available).
 - IDRPv6 but it is not available on all the platforms, the draft
 is not finished, etc... : it is not yet ready. I believe it is
 the good long term solution then we should test it ASAP but
 it is not possible to deploy it before many months.
 - the last solution is to consider the Internet as a NBMA
 and to use NHRP. If you look at one of the maps of the 6 bone
 you can understand a tool is hardly needed and both the short-cut
 facility and a server tree (a level smaller and easier to manage)
 are good things.

 I don't believe we can get all this stuff running in a few days
then we have to do a choice (the same one :-) ASAP...

[email protected]

PS: perhaps we should create a 6bone IETF WG or to resume the TACIT WG
(one of the T of TACIT are for "tests" :-) ?