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Tshirt info on 6bone web page


I will respond to you privately on your comparing me to a previous mail
I made in an official IETF working group.  This is not an IETF activity
but I don't think I was out of line.  I was questioning whether a
decision was done in an open manner. I was questioning the fairness of a 
"decision" which is not political just me.  More on that to you

On implementers vs others.  

Users.  Of course but having the sites on the T-Shirt I believe covers
the users who clearly are the real heroes and risk takers using their
time.  I would vote out the vendor implementations if we could not have
the sites actually on the 6bone T-Shirts.  My assumption is that they
will be on the T-Shirt, and there is room for the implementations. 

Others you mentioned.  Spec writers get their names on specs as one other
you speak of.

Implementors are much different.  Its like the chicken and the egg, and
the pig and the bacon.  The chicken is involved with making an egg, the
pig is "committed" to the bacon.  The vendors have provided the bacon
and a very "costly" commitment to assist the 6bone to actually run.

So I emphatically disagree with your mail and hope others state its OK
to have the vendors on the T-Shirts to Bob.

So far its Yes =2 and No = 1.