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Tshirt info on 6bone web page

	In short, I agree with Matt Crawford.  

	It is Bob Fink's project to print up the t-shirts and it should be his
decision, but my vote is to omit all implementers.

There are several grounds:
	- it clutters up the t-shirt and distracts people from the main point
	  which is that the 6bone is up and running now.
	- as Matt mentioned the implementers will get their recognition
	  anyway in due course of time. 
	- mentioning implementers but not other important contributors
	  seems unfair to those other contributors.
	- it looks a lot like product marketing

	Like Matt, I was offended by the "very hostile tone" of Jim's note,
particularly since the t-shirt is Bob's idea, Bob's effort, and Bob's project.

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