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RE: Customer "Service"?

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From: Baron Chandler [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 1999 7:52 AM
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Subject: Re: Customer "Service"?

>If this is so damned unhealthy then freaking outlaw it.
>Otherwise, the government should shut the hell up. If
>they expect me to believe that they aren't part and parcel
>to this whole little parasite that sucks the life out of
>otherwise good and healthy people, then THEY'RE the morons,
>not us.


Amen to that! I'm sick of the government just standing around, eyeing all
the companies that have lots of cash, and figuring, 'Hey, let's get us some
of that'. It's bullshit.

The government in this country has a long history of controlling its
constituancy through taxation. Don't want someone to drive as much? Tax the
hell out of gasoline. Don't want them to smoke? Tax the hell out of
cigarettes. You don't want to look like the bad guy by making it illegal,
so just force people to stop through taxation.

The tobacco companies make a legal product, and now they're being sued?
That sucks. If the government really thinks the tobacco companies target
children, and they have proof, and that's illegal (is it? it's certainly
unethical), why don't you prosecute the tobacco companies under one of the
myriad laws we already have? My guess is one of two reasons:

1) The government really has no definitive proof of that stuff and justs
makes vague claims about how they target children. Protecting children in
this country is the number one excuse for invading privacy and taking away
freedoms (followed closely by the war on drugs). If they've got the proof,
prosecute them!

2) The government feels that they'll get more money and publicity by making
a big stink out of suing them.

Also, what's the difference between smoking and alcohol? None, in my book.
They're equally as bad for you over the long term, but you don't see the
government complaining about them -- yet. Also, don't get me started on
marijuana... Let's just say that you've never seen two stoned guys in a bar
get into a fight. It's like:

Guys on dope
Guy 1: Hey, you stepped on my foot, dude.
Guy 2: Sorry, dude.

Guys drunk (fraternity overtones)
Guy 1: Hey, you stepped on my foot, assmunch.
Guy 2: Fuck off, lame-o!
(insert punch here)

I'm just sick of the arbitrary choices, politically motivated, that drive
our government.


Jason Gerry
Net Placement Corporation
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