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Re: Customer "Service"?

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 03:46:04AM -0400, Jeff Kidd wrote:
> latest veture of suing the Tobacco companies.  Last Year B&W alone paid

It's easier that suing your citizens for being morons. They think we are so
stupid that we don't see what is going on here. And, likely, they're right on
most counts.

It is just another drink in the latest round of slipping and sliming all over
your belly to get yours. Why raise taxes when you can trade money with the
tobacco companies? It isn't like they don't do it already, what a crock. 

If this is so damned unhealthy then freaking outlaw it. Otherwise, the 
government should shut the hell up. If they expect me to believe that they
aren't part and parcel to this whole little parasite that sucks the life out of
otherwise good and healthy people, then THEY'RE the morons, not us. 

My 2 cents,