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Re: This isn't a joke!

Brian Phillips <[email protected]> wrote:
> How much do you want to study bears?

Indeed.  The Ursus Mark VII is already in research.  ~90%
mobility, and self-contained (via oxygen tanks) for about one
hour.  Fireproof up to 4000 degrees F, coldproof to -20 degrees
Celcius.  Withstands up to 30-30 shot, all handguns, armor-piercing
arrows, two story fall (landing on your feet).  Suck from a 
few days ago inspired the article on Slashdot, which I'll wager
Hagar got this link from. :)  The designer (who doesn't have the
$1.2 million CDN to build the full suit) says it can be used for
exciting hobbies like land-mine removal, volcanic studies, 
SWAT and Riot control, and of course, up-close-and-personal 
grizzly bear study.

An interesting tidbit on grizzly bear study, is that they want
to get a blood sample from a hibernating grizzly.  If they 
can find the hormone that induced hibernation, then interstellar
travel becomes much more feasable.

Totally off-topic::

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