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re: Cheap bandwidth

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Jason Gerry wrote:

> It's all the same shit will BS. They came out 5 times over 2 months to get
> my ADSL installed. They missed the first 2 appointments completely... Just
> didn't show up. No calls, no nothing. They contract out all the install
> stuff anyway to half-ass companies with barely trained installers. They
> don't care, because they don't really have any competition. They will, but
> it won't matter that much. The so-called 'competition' is still using BS
> resources, lines, etc, and will have to be worked on by BS technicians. BS
> is forced to sell the resources to these resellers, but basically, you're
> still using BS lines, at least the lines from your house to a switch.
> I hate them, but what can I do? I have a functional ADSL which I'm not
> willing to give up to make a statement. I venture to guess that most people
> couldn't have taken 7 full workdays off in a 2 month period to get their
> network up. Lucky me.

In Illinois I used to work as a videographer for community activist
groups. One of the issues they delt with was the fighting unfair rate
increases by the local power company. They would go to the Illinois Public
Services Commission hearing and raise hell. I would go to video tape them
so they could use them for planning. In Illinois the PSC acted as the
overseer for the local phone company too. I am sure that Georgia's PSC
operates the same way. In general, the utility gets it license to operate
in GA from the PSC. I was wondering if anyone knows of any groups that do
this here? 

I know we're all pissed. But I want put pressure on BS were it really
hurts via the PSC.  I went to http://www.PSC.State.Ga.US/ but there's no
information about making compliants about the utilities they govern.

In my book its BOLEKAJA! (come down and fight) time! I've had enough of
BS's crap!

(AKA [email protected])

I've had all I can stands and I can't stands no more! 
--Popeye, The Spinach Eater