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re: Cheap bandwidth

It's all the same shit will BS. They came out 5 times over 2 months to get
my ADSL installed. They missed the first 2 appointments completely... Just
didn't show up. No calls, no nothing. They contract out all the install
stuff anyway to half-ass companies with barely trained installers. They
don't care, because they don't really have any competition. They will, but
it won't matter that much. The so-called 'competition' is still using BS
resources, lines, etc, and will have to be worked on by BS technicians. BS
is forced to sell the resources to these resellers, but basically, you're
still using BS lines, at least the lines from your house to a switch.

I hate them, but what can I do? I have a functional ADSL which I'm not
willing to give up to make a statement. I venture to guess that most people
couldn't have taken 7 full workdays off in a 2 month period to get their
network up. Lucky me.


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Well BS could couldn't install on 5/11 because a previous job on the
tech's schedule went longer than expected. I had called them at 1700 thats
when they told me. Another whole day wasted! The CSR rescheduled for the
5/12 AM. 1115 5/12 I called for a status and got the same excuse I got on
4/14! Another day wasted! This time they came to the house and discovered
a new problem. I spoke to a supervisor who researched the problem and
explained pretty much what you've posted here. My next install date is
5/17. The sup I talked to says he will monitor the situation and let me
know if there are any more snafus.

What really pisses me off is that when the tech came out on 5/12 he could
have said oh we have a problem. They knew in the office on both occassions
but it seems to not crossed their minds to let me know. You say that this
is common. Well why in the heck can't they do something during those long
lag times and make sure that they can keep their own commitments?