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re: Cheap bandwidth

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Glenn Everette wrote:

> I know we're all pissed. But I want put pressure on BS were it really
> hurts via the PSC.  I went to http://www.PSC.State.Ga.US/ but there's no
> information about making compliants about the utilities they govern.

http://www.PSC.State.Ga.US/pscinfo/intro1.htm#TABLE OF

I found this there. 

Administrative sessions of the PSC are held the first and third Tuesday of
each month at 10 a.m. at the Commission's offices in Atlanta. Committee
meetings are scheduled the on second and fourth Thursday of each month
preceding the Administrative session. Public hearings usually are
scheduled regularly. Consumers can call the PSC to obtain the schedule for
hearings, administrative sessions and committee meetings on the internet
at http://www.psc.state.ga.us. The number of days scheduled for a hearing
depends upon the complexity of the issue. Rate case hearings usually
require an average of nine days.