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Re: Cheap bandwidth

At 01:14 PM 5/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>All of the lines in my area are digital. No copper pairs for miles. I've
>heard that they're trying to do dsl over digital but I probally never see
>it. I am really feed up with this spit. BS is taking over 90 day to get
>isdn installed. I've got the BS blues.

a Dirty Little Secret of BellSouth is that so few of their (our) Service
Techs even know how to deal with ISDN as far as installation goes (repair
isn't normally a big issue).  In the Stone Mountain group, for example, out
of about 12-15 guys, only 2 did ISDN, and one of them didn't do it very well.

Probably not the reason for the 90 day delay, but an interesting thing
nonetheless.  We just don't get trained on it.  Feh.


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