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RE: Cheap bandwidth

It's a good deal for what you get (a real subnet), but I'll be hesitant to
get one and have to give up my 1.5 megabit downstream connection.

Bellsouth bites, but what are you going to do? No cable modems (or very few
anyway) and I can't go back to analog modems. I'd die, I'm sure.

Luckily, since I now run the network at work, I'll co-lo a new box for
myself at the office. :)


On Fri, 7 May 1999, Robbie Honerkamp wrote:

> Comstar is selling SDSL service in Atlanta through a CLEC.
> Their rates are better than dedicated ISDN (64k dedicated
> ISDN and a subnet=$250/month).
> 170k SDSL with a subnet, etc.. is $160/month. There's _no_
> setup fee.
> Brett Ousley at Comstar is the man to talk to about getting
> this. 770-485-6010/[email protected]
> Methinks I'm going to be moving away from ISDN very soon..
> Robbie