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Re: Watch out for Y2K

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Glenn Everette wrote:

> Other than having cash food/water, a full tank of gas and toilet paper.
> I've not really thought about it until yesterday. It was truely sad to see
> a mother trying to buy food and couldn't because of a systems failure.
> That kind of made it real for me. I would be interested in finding out
> more ways I could prepare though. 

http://www.fema.org is a good place to start.  They have recommendations
on the amount of food and water you should keep in store for a disaster,
as well as other really useful info.

http://www.fema.org/pte/prepare.htm has a lot of disaster preparedness
documents and checklists.  They used to recommend three days-worth of
supplies; recently they increased their recommendation to supplies for
two weeks.  Hmmm...

Another thing to think about is stocking supplies to help out those people
who are not preparing.  As things are now, it is relatively easy to tell
an aggressive panhandler who looks fairly well-fed to hit the road, but
telling someone with very hungry children to scram won't be so easy should
it ever come to that.