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Re: Watch out for Y2K

On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Brian Wilson wrote:

> any other thoughts about y2k?  What are you personally doing to prepare
> for the next millenium (besides buying lots of M&M's)?  Will it be bigger
> than the hype?   Smaller?  what about all the "Count down to Y2K" clocks 
> that people are buying now that will be useless on Jan 1st (do they count
> as being non-Y2K compliant?)?  

Other than having cash food/water, a full tank of gas and toilet paper.
I've not really thought about it until yesterday. It was truely sad to see
a mother trying to buy food and couldn't because of a systems failure.
That kind of made it real for me. I would be interested in finding out
more ways I could prepare though.