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Re: Watch out for Y2K

Miss Liska, you've hit it right on the head!  And I agree, it's no place for
a girl like me, either!

As for being self-reliant and being able to forage for food and crap like that,
I can tell when a watermelon is ripe, but that's about it.  My valet can be
self-reliant for me.  That's what I pay him for.  ;^)

I can swing a mean axe, though, and I can plan a defensive fortification that
SEAL Team Six couldn't get through, but I can't figure out if that's birch bark
or poison oak I'm about to wipe my bum with.

Oh, well.  I guess I'll just have to let the food come to me.  With the cyanide-and-water-sprayed
razor wire, any people who try to get into my house will be feeding me for a
long time.

Uncle Karl
aka Mr. Ben

>> It better be not a big deal; like I've always said, the post-apocalyptic

>> world is no place for a girl like me.
>I agree. My biggest fear isn't the Y2K problem; it's the J2K problem, when

>all the crazed religious fanatics go crazy waiting for god to come from
>the heavens and take them into the light.  This is one new years I'm staying

>the hell home... (pun? perhaps.)
>Besides, the lesson we should be learning here is that we are WAY too damn

>dependent on technology. It should speak volumes that we are all terrified

>about what a few lumps of silicon and a few volts of electricity can do to

>our lives -- is our existence that tenuous...? We must truly amount to a 
>fart in the wind if this dorky issue can cause us such upheval.
>Slowly, but surely, we have set ourselves up for this disaster.
>How many of us truly possess the low-level knowledge to exist. Which
>plants are poisonous and which are not. How many of us could hunt for food,

>etc.. We rely on technology, both digital and analog... which is fine, but

>I do believe we have crossed that point-of-no-return where we're totally screwed

>if it all gets wiped out. And that is what scares me the most.