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Re: Watch out for Y2K

> It better be not a big deal; like I've always said, the post-apocalyptic
> world is no place for a girl like me.

I agree. My biggest fear isn't the Y2K problem; it's the J2K problem, when
all the crazed religious fanatics go crazy waiting for god to come from
the heavens and take them into the light.  This is one new years I'm staying
the hell home... (pun? perhaps.)

Besides, the lesson we should be learning here is that we are WAY too damn
dependent on technology. It should speak volumes that we are all terrified
about what a few lumps of silicon and a few volts of electricity can do to
our lives -- is our existence that tenuous...? We must truly amount to a 
fart in the wind if this dorky issue can cause us such upheval.

Slowly, but surely, we have set ourselves up for this disaster.
How many of us truly possess the low-level knowledge to exist. Which
plants are poisonous and which are not. How many of us could hunt for food,
etc.. We rely on technology, both digital and analog... which is fine, but
I do believe we have crossed that point-of-no-return where we're totally screwed
if it all gets wiped out. And that is what scares me the most.