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Re: Watch out for Y2K

At 01:59 PM 7/6/99 -0400, Glenn Everette wrote:
>I saw something interesting yesterday at Publix. I woman purchasing some
>food with a food stamp debit card couldn't because the entire FS debiting
>system was down? I was in the same line and saw that she buying baby food
>and stuff. It totaled appx $4.00. So I chipped in and paid it. 
>This was the first time I've ever had any concern about y2k. Can you
>imagine millions of poor people not being able to buy food because of y2k

... so on top of the Presto! problem that Publix seems to have every
week, we have this to worry about.  *sigh*

any other thoughts about y2k?  What are you personally doing to prepare
for the next millenium (besides buying lots of M&M's)?  Will it be bigger
than the hype?   Smaller?  what about all the "Count down to Y2K" clocks 
that people are buying now that will be useless on Jan 1st (do they count
as being non-Y2K compliant?)?  

Personally, we were contemplating having a "Y2K Non-compliance" Party and
having everyone dress up in outfits from the 1900's.  But that was just
an idle thought.


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