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At 11:52 PM 11/2/99 , Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>Open debate on that one, but a dedicated NTP time server appliance is very
>reliable. Cheap way out, find a used WWV receiver and attach it to an old
>486 box, running linux. That shouldn't take more than a few hundred bucks
>and you can attach any size NIC you want.
>The electronics is worth less than $50, but the GPS license is hundreds per
>unit. There is still no excuse for the license until you realize that
>someone that just allocated $650K for a HP9000 V2500 is now looking at the
>cost for a time source. Suddenly, $2K doesn't look as bad. I'd suggest it as
>an approval strategy, but that button's already worn out.
>NTP is light-weight, safe, and very easy. GPS is over-kill and cost-added.

So what I understand you to be saying is, the GPS-based units are expensive
because of licensing, but the radio-based units will do just as well and
are cheaper.  Right?  So, can anyone suggest a good radio-based unit?  I'd
especially like a standalone unit that provides NTP directly, unless it is
so much cheaper to stick it in a host.  Hosts have this annoying tendency
to take on more work if you're not careful... Law of physics or something,
no matter how hard you try...


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