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DATACENTER: Re: Time Sourceu

At 12:57 AM 11/3/99 , [email protected] wrote:
>> I run NTP here to synchronize to multiple stratum 2 servers over the 'net
>> and it seems to work quite well.  In thinking about a new datacenter,
>Why not pick stratum 1? If you choose 2, you can only be 3.

Just being polite and not placing unnecessary load on the stratum 1
servers.  I don't *need* more, and going across the 'net and all I doubt it
would make enough difference anyway.

As you note, though, having a good time source has been very helpful in
tracking down abuse cases and other legal-type stuff.  (We are way ahead of
most law enforcement personnel I've run into on that issue.)  Hence my
desire to improve in this area, even though I don't need timing for any
telco equipment (yet).


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