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RE: DATACENTER: catvi/gig cable

If you mean the TIA/EIA standards they only indicate that installation of
cabling should not deform the cable, which may change its electrical
properties.  Typically we specify Velcro type cable ties so they won't be
overstressed and can easily be added to or changed.  If plastic ties are
used due to environmental reasons (e.g. plenums) we specify that they be
installed loose enough to rotate around the cables after they are installed.
Lucent's warranty does indicate that cabling must be installed per their
standards, I do not know if they deviate form the TIA/EIA and BICSI
standards.  I am presently trying to get that information from my local rep.
I will pass on what I find out.

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Ok. Someone just told me that lacing Lucent gigabit/catvi is a violation
of the standard and you _must_ use tie wraps. 

Can someone confirm this? I have a call into Lucent, but I 'aint' buyin