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[datacenter] Pollable Watt-hour meter

I think I remember reading about devices like this on the datacenter list
a year or so ago.  IIRC devices like the 'Kill-a-watt' were mentioned.

I'm looking for a device that will allow me to measure total electricity
usage in a domestic environement.  I'm ideally looking for something that
uses a passive connection (an induction coil if I've got my terminology
correct) at the utility hand-off rather than something that needs to be
wired into the mains.

The device should be pollable - ideally by SNMP, put I'll settle for an
old-fashioned RS-232 connection (worst case, a data logger I can download
manually) and compatible with a 220/240V system (it's for use in the UK).

Does anybody know of such a beast?


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