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Re: [datacenter] About raised floors

Quoting Richard Welty <[email protected]>:

> why are you putting in raised floors? as a plenum for 
HVAC or for cabling
> purposes?
Both, as a supply air plenum and for cabling purpouses

> point 1: if you need it for HVAC, then you _should 
not_ be running cables
> down there too. cables can and will obstruct the 
It will be used for HVAC but there's a duct for data 
cabling and another one for electrical cabling.

But it's a good option to have data cables running on 
ladder racks. do you think it's fine to run powercables 
on ladder racks? I've read a recommendation that say 
whenever possible data and power cables should 
intersect perpendicularly or at least keep them 6 
inches apart if you have to run them parallel. I'm sure 
it's cheaper to run them on ladder racks but you know 
marketing people says it looks bad ... hide them.
> point 2: if you are only doing it for cabling, 
consider skipping the raised
> floor, laying tile directly on the subfloor, and 
using ladder rack overhead
> instead. i've come to prefer it, it's cheaper (raised 
floor is
> _expensive_), easier to work with, and doesn't 
trigger any ADA issues
> (ramps and doors around raised floors need to be 
designed with some care if
> you want to be legal with respect to the ADA.)
No, HVAC will need an supply air plenum, and ADA, well 
I'm out of the states but does it means American with 
Disabilities Act? well, it doesn't apply here but I'll 
take in consideration their recommendations ... one 
more item for my to-do list.


P.D. Do you have http://datacenters.lbl.gov ?

> richard

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