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Re: [datacenter] About raised floors

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:26:21 -0800 (PST) "quique.org" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Raised floor recommended height is between 18" and 24" 
> so how to choose which one? I think it depends on how 
> much cabling or pipes traffic you have under the raised 
> floor, small areas (requiring less cabling or if you 
> have "under the roof data cables) will be fine with 
> 18" , big areas and more traffic will be better with 
> 24". And don't go beyond 24" or you'll requiere very 
> big or lots of CRAC units to maintain the required 
> pressure under the floor. Is there anything else I need 
> to care of?

why are you putting in raised floors? as a plenum for HVAC or for cabling

point 1: if you need it for HVAC, then you _should not_ be running cables
down there too. cables can and will obstruct the cooling

point 2: if you are only doing it for cabling, consider skipping the raised
floor, laying tile directly on the subfloor, and using ladder rack overhead
instead. i've come to prefer it, it's cheaper (raised floor is
_expensive_), easier to work with, and doesn't trigger any ADA issues
(ramps and doors around raised floors need to be designed with some care if
you want to be legal with respect to the ADA.)

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