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[datacenter] About raised floors


There are many parameters that define tile 
characteristics. Could you please explain the 
differences between "Static Load Limit" vs. "Uniform 
load limit" vs. "Ultimate load limit" vs. "load limit" 
and "impact load limit". Made my google but couldn't 
find a glossary explaining these terms.

Raised floor recommended height is between 18" and 24" 
so how to choose which one? I think it depends on how 
much cabling or pipes traffic you have under the raised 
floor, small areas (requiring less cabling or if you 
have "under the roof data cables) will be fine with 
18" , big areas and more traffic will be better with 
24". And don't go beyond 24" or you'll requiere very 
big or lots of CRAC units to maintain the required 
pressure under the floor. Is there anything else I need 
to care of?


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